About Us

Wise Training Center is permitted to offer advice for students by face to face conversations with managers responsible for academic scores of pupils by which as students verify their academic renditions has been significantly raised to the new levels. We possess a special monitoring system which is cohered with regulative quizzes taken each fortnight period of every subsisted programme in our educational institution. These regulative quizzes are specifically designed to assess students mastering in the field our services are offered. *Whilst the process of checking the eligibility of students is in progress, managers responsible for attendance of pupils in the classroom check up the number of visits in the period of 30 days *Quizzes are precisely distributed in an extracurricular form excluding the materials of Oxford University Press books such as Headway 4th edition, Vocabulary Quizzes, Academic Skills Book and etc. *Likewise, our language centre engages all high standard conditions, great opportunities such as doing peculiar trainings and implementing reclaimable seminars, public speaking events and exhibitions for students in order to make our mark to contribute the country’s prosperity.